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For Sale by Owner Center Mortgage Calculators and Real Estate Tools
Mortgage Calculators & Real Estate Tools

26 simple yet advanced mortgage calculators and real estate calculators to assist both home buyers and home sellers.  Remember to get your free credit report and score before shopping mortgage rates.

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 Home Buyer Mortgage Calculators  Home Seller Real Estate Calculators

  • Mortgage Calculator - This comprehensive mortgage calculator estimates mortgage payments for all types of mortgages, including interest-only, 20, 25, 40 and 50 yr mortgages and also displays the difference in monthly payments assuming mortgage rates up of down .5%.

  • Maximum Mortgage Prequalification Calculator - Found a home and already know the asking price. Use this mortgage calculator to determine the maximum amount of mortgages you can finance to purchase a specific home. View you maximum mortgage qualifications on up to three different loans side by side. Results include estimated taxes, insurance, PMI, down payment, income to debt ratios, and total cash to close. 

  • Loan Qualifying Calculator - The loan calculator estimates the maximum home price and mortgage you can afford based on your income and liabilites. Displays four different loan qualifying results side by side based on interest-only, 30 yr, 20 yr and 15 yr mortgages.

  • Home Buying Household Budget Calculator - Calculate your household budget after purchasing a home. Determine how much of your net pay you will have left after paying your monthly expenses and new mortgage payment. There is a built-in mortgage calculator to determine you remaining income.

  • Piggy Back Loan Comparison Mortgage Calculator - Use this mortgage calculator to compare a "piggy back loan", i.e. 80/20, 80/15, 80/10, etc vs a single loan with PMI. 

  • Loan Amortization Comparison Calculator - This loan amortization calculator allows you to compare 4 different loan amortization terms side by side.  

  • Loan Comparison Calculator - Compare 4 Loans Side by Side - This mortgage calculator allows you to compare up to four different loans, terms, and mortgage rates side by side for a true loan comparision.

  • Down Payment Calculator - Use this calculator to calculate a down payment amount as either a percentage (%) or by dollar amount ($).

  • PMI / Private Mortgage Insurance Calculator - Estimate your monthly private mortgage insurance (PMI) premium based on a selected loan amount.

  • Pay Option ARM / Pick a Payment Loan Calculator - Calculate the monthly payment options of the popular "Pay-Option / Pick a Payment" mortgage. Calculates the minimum required payment, the interest-only option and the fully amortized payment as well as the recast amount and potential negative amortization. 

  • Interest Only Mortgage Calculator - Caculate the monthly payments of an interest-only mortgage with this loan calculator.

  • 2 / 28 Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator - Calculate the monthly payment of a 2 / 28 adjustable rate mortgage and view the maximum increases in interest rate and monthly mortgage payments with this mortgage calculator.

  • 3 / 27 Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator - See maximum interest rate and monthly mortgage payment adjustments after the inital 3 years with this 3 / 27 adjustable rate mortgage calculator.

  • 5 / 25 Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator - Estimate the monthly payments of a 5/25 adjustable rate mortgage for the initial 5 years and the following interest rate adjustments with this mortgage loan calculator.

  • 7 / 23 Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator - This mortgage calculator calculate the intial monthly mortgage payments and following maximum interest rate and payment adjustments for a 7/23 ARM loan.

  • 40 yr Mortgage Calculator - Calculate the monthly payments for a 40 year mortgage with this calculator.

  • 50 yr Mortgage Calculator - Lenders are starting to offer a 50 year mortgages, use this mortgage calculator to estimate the monthly mortgage payments.

  • Mortgage Payment Calculator - Calculate the PITI mortgage payment of up to three mortgages side by side. Mortgage payment calculator estimates the mortgage payments including principal, interest, property taxes, insurance and PMI if applicable.

  • Buyers Agent Real Estate Commission Calculator - Calculate your agent real estate commission for selling you a home and view a chart of real estate commission percentages you can used to negotiate a real estate rebate.

  • New! For Sale by Owner Savings Calculator - Calculate your estimated savings of selling your home FSBO as an hourly rate. Calculator estimates the amount of time you will spend to perform the tasks normally performed by a real estate agent when selling your home FSBO. Additionally, you can estimate you savings assuming you pay only a "buyers real estate" agent a real estate commission.

  • Real Estate Commission Calculator - Calculate cost of real estate commission amount from percentage (%) to a dollar amount ($) and view amount each real estate agent would make assuming a 50/50 split.

  • Home Selling Cost Comparison Calculator - Use this calculator to do a side by side estimate the difference in net proceeds selling your home by owner, flat-fee discount listing and with a real estate agent.

  • Mortgage Prepayment Penalty Calculator - Do you have a mortgage pre-payment penalty? Use our mortgage pre-payment calculator to estimate the amount of your mortgage pay-off including the pre-payment penalty amount. View amount of the penalty and the total payoff amount.

  • Real Estate Equity Calculator - Use this calculator to calculate your gross equity in the property as both a dollar amount ($) and as a percentage (%). Can use this calculator to determine your how much your property has appreciated and how much equity you have currently.

  • Multiple Purchase Offers Comparison Calculator - Our purchase offer comparison calculator allows your to input important details of each purchase offer you have received and compare the results visually. The highest sale price does not always translate to the best offer with the highest net. Compare up to three purchase offers side-by-side with this home purchase offer comparison calculator.

  • FSBO vs REALTOR Net Proceeds Calculator - Use this calculator to determine the net difference of selling FSBO vs a REALTOR and how much more the real estate agent must sell you home for in order for you to break-even. Also calculates paying only one side of the real estate commission to a buyers agent.

  • Real Estate Email Marketing New! - If you are currently selling your home on our fsbo site be sure to check our new email promotion tool which allows you to market your real estate listing via email.

  • New! Real Estate Agents Hourly Rate Calculator - Calculator helps you estimate a real estate agents hourly rate for listing your home for sale. Use the results to determine if you can afford to sell your home by owner. If you decide to list with an agent, we provide a customized script from the results of this real estate commission calculator to help you negotiate a discounted real estate commission, possibly saving you thousands in real estate commissions. Download the Real Estate Agent Interview Form to help you interview agents and use this calculator.


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